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LIKE. How come I didn’t know these guys before???

Habiba’s bananas. Arusha Tanzania.

ONE week countdown until I return to continue shooting 'Britain Loves Africa' in Uganda and Tanzania! I’ve been rewatching all my footage and feel a bit like like I’m back there already (until I look out the window). Just playing around with animating images and - excited about the potential for new avenues…

Tonight the Photofilm ‘New World’, which I made in USA with Duncan Roberston, will be screened in Bristol’s Empire Theatre in an IC-Visual Lab event. There is some brilliant work on the line up. My favourite being Ricardo Cases weird and wonderful pigeon story. Everyone welcome…

Death, Aesthetics & Representation at The Photographers Gallery.

If you’re interested in listening to the panel discussion it’s available here.

I’m very pleased to have been asked to take part in what promises to be an interesting discussion at The Photographers Gallery on Wednesday. Everybody welcome. (Follow link to booking page).

(Sol, sinking)

Summer has seen me far from the computer screen - floating with my camera in London Fields Lido. Next month you’ll be able to see the fruits of this joyful collaboration between me and the inimitable wordsmith Shane Solanki.

Thank you so much to all you swimmers who got involved. We’ll be in touch very soon…

From today the 'Festival of Neighbourhood' ‘Lambeth Treasures’ exhibition will be open. I’ve been working on a commission about Lower Marsh which forms a major part of the show. It’s in the Spirit Level Gallery in the Royal Festival Hall. To get there you need to go down to the lower level behind the Clore Ballroom (that’s the main open performance space). It’s up until the end of August so have a look whenever you’re there. There is loads going on in the festival. 

I’ve been superduper busy for the last few weeks… but thankfully coming out the other side now! From teenagers with books to orchestras with balloons to me with my camera in the swimming pool! More on those later..

But the main project was a lovely commission from The Southbank Center for an exhibition within their summer program; 'Festival of Neighbourhood'. I’ve been getting to know the Shopkeepers on Lower Marsh. If you don’t know Lower marsh you should have a look - it’s behind Waterloo station. Exhibition opens this weekend and I’ll post the details very soon.

More palms at night. This time from Brazil. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Very happy that New World (USA project I made with Duncan Roberston) has been selected by Monica Allende of The Sunday Times to be shown at Format Festival’s closing night event - Slideluck Potshow.

Helena and Clover on Haggerston Estate yesterday.

I was shooting stills for the final scene of ‘Estate’; a wonderful and unique documentary film that has been recording and recreating the story of this East London Estate as it undergoes demolition and reconstruction.

I’ve been looking at my photos so long I can barley see them anymore. But I do love putting photos together.

Making FINAL tweeks to new site…

Has anyone ever in the history of the internet, completed a website in the time the expected to? Starting to wonder if a redesign it really worth it!

On the flip side I’m pulling out some old gems. I love this picture.

Palm at dusk, Haggerston Park, London. January 2012

A couple years ago I started photographing my neighborhood. Then stopped. Why did I stop? The development certainly hasn’t. But I’m about to get back to it by contributing to a local project called My Haggerston, organised by the Geffrye Museum. More on that soon.

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